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Snyep is Expanding its Operations

Snyep will soon be expanding its operations beyond life coaching and wellbeing. Visit Transformational coaching with Lisa Proshina to change your life and achieve your goals.

Stay tuned!

RELIXIY is here!

Snyep International recently launched a new amazing brand: Relixiy.

Relixiy was inspired by one of our missions: to help people feel and sleep better. Our core values are Quality, Health, Love & Sharing. 

  • Quality: designed in the UK, the best materials, the best workmanship, the best customer service.
  • Health: our goal is for our products to improve the health and wellbeing of our customers. We use only certified materials, free from any harmful chemicals.
  • Love & Sharing: our products are made with love, ethically manufactured and carefully crafted in every detail. The result is a product of exceptional quality and with a truly unique feel.recently
Relixiy Weighted Blanket

Relixiy Weighted Blankets

The first Relixiy product is a Weighted Blanket.

You may be wondering… What is a weighted blanket?

The Relixiy Weighted Blanket is a natural solution for stress, anxiety and insomnia. Thanks to the therapeutic effect of “Deep Touch Pressure” stimulation, the blanket feels like a gentle hug: naturally calming, warm and relaxing.
The Relixiy weighted blankets are also Easy Care: thanks to the removable luxury cover; made with the finest fabrics for cloud-like cosiness. Like a pleasant and naturally relaxing hug from your loved ones, Relixiy is allowing a more restful sleep, supporting you in achieving your goals.
Get back your Dreams during the night and get the energy to make them true during the day, thanks to a Relixiy Weighted Blanket.

The product includes also the complimentary e-Book “9 Effective Ways To Naturally Improve Your Sleep“, written by our Certified Life Coach Lisa for FREE!