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Relixiy: The Best Weighted Blanket in the UK


Relixiy® specialises in making the best weighted blanket in the UKLike a pleasant and naturally relaxing hug from your loved ones, our weighted blankets are allowing a more restful sleep, calming your body and mind.

The Relixiy Anxiety Weighted Blanket in the UK is a natural solution for stress, anxiety and insomnia. Thanks to the therapeutic effect of “Deep Touch Pressure” stimulation, the blanket feels like a gentle hug: naturally calming, warm and relaxing. But wait, what is a weighted blanket? A weighted blanket is a heavy blanket that can weigh between 3kg and 15kg. The increased weight is obtained by filling the blanket with weighted beads like premium micro-glass beads or other materials. The Relixiy weighted blankets come in 2 weights: about 5kg weighted blanket and a 7kg one. They also come in different sizes: single, double or king bed depending on your preference. 

Now, you may be asking yourself: why do we need to add all of this weight to a blanket? How do weighted blankets work? The reason why weighted blankets are so heavy is that their weight will allow a “deep pressure stimulation”, that has a therapeutic and naturally calming effect. Imagine the calm and pleasant feeling you get when a loved one hugs you very tightly, well, that’s the feeling you will have when sleeping with a weighted blanket! Studies demonstrate that these blankets, thanks to their weight are stimulating your brain to naturally release happy chemicals, that are relaxing your body and mind for the ultimate tranquillity, melting away stress and anxiety. 

Finally, those heavy blankets are also very popular in fibromyalgia groups. This is because a weighted blanket for fibromyalgia can help to manage fibro chronic pain and fibromyalgia insomnia.

Features of the Relixiy Weighted Blanket

Relixiy Weighted Blanket

Our weighted blanket, thanks to its small pockets, has a uniform distribution of glass beads, allowing the most comfortable sleep. The blanket also comes with a removable luxury cover, a travel bag and a complimentary e-book (“9 Effective Ways To Naturally Improve Your Sleep“) included. 

Our blankets are made only using the best materials: OEKO-Tex certified fabric (free from any harmful chemicals or toxins) of the finest quality, certified glass beads and any other component. Our blanket’s removable cover is going to be the softest thing you ever touched, allowing the maximum comfort and sensory experience while our weighted blanket calms your body and mind thanks to deep pressure therapy. Not only this, but our anxiety blankets are also hypoallergenic, giving you peace of mind even if you are allergic.

The Relixiy heavy weighted blanket is made with the best workmanship and its 7 layers construction makes it machine washable too. Moreover, you will not need to wash the entire weighted blanket very often, because our removable luxury cover is machine washable too!

Relixiy Brand

The Relixiy Brand was inspired by one of our missions: to help people feel and sleep better. Our core values are Quality, Health, Love & Sharing. Those values are reflected in any aspect of our premium weighted blankets.

  • Quality: designed in the UK, the best materials, the best workmanship, the best customer service.
  • Health: our goal is for our products to improve the health and wellbeing of our customers. We use only certified materials, free from any harmful chemicals.
  • Love & Sharing: our products are made with love, ethically manufactured and carefully crafted in every detail. The result is a product of exceptional quality and with a truly unique feel.

Hundreds of Happy UK Customers and Enthusiast 5 Star Reviews

Despite being a relatively new weighted blanket brand in the UK, Relixiy was able to establish itself as the best premium option at very competitive prices. This is reflected by hundreds of enthusiast customers in the UK with growing 5 stars weighted blanket reviews describing how our blankets helped them and their loved ones to sleep better. Some of them are describing game-changing results for their sleep, being able to finally have the restful sleep they were looking for. If you would like to improve the quality of your sleep, a Relixiy weighted blanket is the best option for an all-around sensory experience that will not only give you more deep sleep but also calm down anxiety and promote calmness during your bedtime and in the following day!

Transformational Life Coach: Lisa Proshina

Lisa Transformational Life Coach

Do you feel unsatisfied with your life and would like to change this? Or maybe you don’t know what to do, what is your talent and passion, or maybe you want to find clarity in your job or relationship. Those are only a few of the things where having a life coach can help you to turn around your life and finally get what you want. If you are looking to find the best life coach for yourself or someone you love, we can help you! Our ANIMAS Certified Transformational Life Coach Lisa Proshina already helped many people to change their life for the better and find the clarity they needed. 

With a growing number of incredible testimonials, Lisa’s life coaching service is the best affordable option for you if you are truly motivated to change. With powerful non-leading coaching techniques, our life coach will allow you to find all the answers you need to turn around your life and reach your goals. 

If you want to learn more about Lisa and her expertise, you can check her life coaching YouTube channel and her life coach blog, where she covers different topics that can already help you for FREE to start your transformational journey!

Finally, if you want to check if Lisa can be the right transformational life coach for you, you can simply book a FREE exploratory coaching consultation here.