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Snyep is also providing free education on sustainability, technology and how those go hand in hand to achieve sustainable development. Check out our blog “sustainability success” for the best information to learn about sustainability, how new technologies can help us to be more eco friendly and what you can do in your day to day life to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

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If you are an environmentally conscious person and would like to boost your motivation, we have a large collection of powerful eco friendly quotes! We also have important tips to learn how to live in a more eco friendly manner. Because to achieve our sustainable development goals we can and should all contribute, even if with just some simple actions such as refusing that single use plastic straw the next time you will order your favourite cocktail!

A Brief Introduction To Sustainability

Sustainability represents our ability to keep a certain lifestyle while not compromising the ability to do so for future generations.

The 3 Principles Of Sustainability

This is a multifaceted topic involving changes and improvements to be made on all the so-called 3 principles of sustainability: economic, social, environmental.

3 Principles of sustainability

The economic principle of sustainability requires profitability for businesses to operate. A company must be profitable to be viable long term. Without profit, there’s no economy and without a thriving economy, human life would be much more difficult, with rising social and moral issues as well as environmental.

The social principle of sustainability requires businesses, governments and society in general to pursue equality, fair working conditions, access to good healthcare and education as well as avoiding wars and keeping a good level of security. Businesses and governments, in particular, should seek the backing of their employees and society in general, avoiding unsustainable practices such as the exploitation of human resources.

The environmental principle of sustainability aims to reduce the impact of human activities on the planet. This involves actively managing basic resources such as forests, water, oceans etc. Finally, the environmental pillar of sustainability aims also at taking action on the demand side by promoting product design efficiency, use of renewable resources, providing education on environmental issues to grow the number of conscious consumers etc.

What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development represents the right equilibrium between all the 3 principles of sustainability. This means that to achieve sustainable development we should have a profitable economy that is supporting good standards of living for a conscious society and at the same time it is very efficient in the use of natural resources, leveraging renewable energy, the latest technologies to improve product design and minimise the overall impact on the environment.

Sustainable development and the 3 principles of sustainability

Businesses can give a decisive contribution towards sustainable development. Moreover, pursuing sustainability can also be very profitable and give a competitive advantage, because by leveraging the latest technologies the business will use less resources and design products of superior quality. In truth, sustainability for businesses represents the greatest opportunity to thrive in the coming decade!

How To Become More Sustainable In Your Life?

As mentioned early, everybody can and should contribute to sustainability in our daily life. The best mnemonic framework to have a more sustainable lifestyle is to follow the 6 Rs of sustainability.

6 Rs of sustainability

The 6 Rs of sustainability represent six simple, practical and mental steps that everybody should keep in mind before taking any action that can have an impact on the environment. The 6 Rs, in order of priority are:

Just click on each link to see a detailed explanation for each one of them and read the full article on our sustainability blog.

We also have more info on how to become more sustainable, like for example how to practice green tourism! Check it out to learn more!

New Technologies Improving Sustainability

New digital transformation technologies represent the greatest opportunity to improve sustainability and business competitivity at the same time. Companies simply can’t afford to not be innovative in the digital field or they will left behind their competitors.

Digital transformation technologies

Technologies such as the Internet of Thongs (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Additive Manufacturing, Digital Twin and others offer amazing opportunities to improve the overall business efficiency, reduce energy consumption, make better designs and much more!

It is not by chance that most of the largest corporations in the world are embracing those technologies and starting to pursue sustainability as a key element of their corporate strategies. The brightest business leaders in the world recognise both the economic opportunities offered by pursuing innovation and sustainability, as well as the risks if they don’t act, because the business will be left behind and lose competitivity.

In addition, businesses using Industry 4.0 and the latest digital transformation technologies and improving their sustainability will also benefit from an increased support from the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers. This makes sustainability and technological innovation to absolute must for every business in the next decade!

You will find this and much more in the Sustainability Success blog!